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Hollywood Xpo 2010 Program Schedule now Available!


Hollywood Xpo Program Schedule - Click here to open or download -





Early (optional) Registration from 6:00pm to 8:00pm



Registration Opens at 8:00am

Exhibitors Hall: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Open late, until Midnight



Registration opens at 8:00am

Exhibitors Hall: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Open late, until Midnight



Registration opens at 9:00am

Exhibitors Hall: 10:00am to 5:30pm

Open until 5:30pm




Watch Star Trek: Of Gods and Men with us! Screening at the Hilton on Thursday, October 14th at 8:00pm! (Film length, approx 90 minutes)



Hollywood Xpo Stars Night Out and
the Hollywood Legacy Awards - Friday Night, 7:00 pm


You are invited to join us and be a star for a night at Hollywood Xpo’s Stars Night Out -- enjoy a fabulous dinner, memorable entertainment and the presentation of the first annual Hollywood Legacy Awards to Buzz Aldrin and Nichelle Nichols!


Stars Night Out will be emceed by Walter Koenig and will feature a cavalcade of entertainment including performances by many of your favorite Hollywood Xpo celebrities. It’s a special evening that will be talked about for years to come, so don’t miss out!


The Hollywood Legacy Awards were created to honor icons who have positively contributed to the richness and betterment of humanity through the popular arts, film, television, music and literature. The Hollywood Legacy Awards is the successor of Planet Xpo's Star Trek Legacy Awards, saluting those individuals who have made a significant contribution toward creating a future worth living. Previous recipients of the Star Trek Legacy Awards are Dr. Martin Cooper, the father of portable telephony; Dr. Mae Jemison, the first woman of color to go into space; and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com and Blue Origin. The Hollywood Legacy Awards will be held on Friday, October 15th and will feature a banquet before the award ceremony. The awards will be presented by the many guest stars of Hollywood Xpo.


Buzz Aldrin will be appearing at Hollywood Xpo on Friday only. Buzz Aldrin is a mechanical engineer, retired United States Air Force pilot and astronaut who was the Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history. On July 20, 1969, he was the second human being to set foot on the Moon, following mission commander Neil Armstrong. Buzz will be one of the guests of honor at our Hollywood Legacy Awards being held on Friday night, starting at 6:00 pm.


Enterprise Blues Band - Friday Night (Approx 10:00pm)


The brainchild of Star Trek veteran Vaughn Armstrong, the Enterprise Blues Band will be performing live at Hollywood Xpo! No solo effort here; Armstrong “strong-armed” fellow Trek vets Gary Graham, Steve Rankin, and Richard Herd, also with Michael Goodrow & Charlie Becker, to join the band and create a musical collaborative effort! After a year of writing, rehearing, and recording the group’s self-titled debut CD, “Enterprise Blues Band”, a collection of several original songs was released in July 2005.


Monster Bash - Saturday Night (8pm to midnight)


All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy…

Well, it worked for Nicholson, anyway! But think about it – you’ve come all the way to Hollywood for Hollywood Xpo 2010, you’ve been to all the panels, the dealer’s room, the film room – you’ve checked out the environs (and we do mean environs – SoCal has more “environs” than almost any place in the world!) – and you’re all “conventioned out”.


What next?


Fear not, faithful friends, because Hollywood Xpo 2010 rides to the rescue with our newest and greatest tradition – The Monster Bash!


The Monster Bash is a combination of many long-standing con traditions with an added twist! SF buffs remember the days of the “Dead Dog Party” – and convention veterans have long loved costume contests, cosplay, and other “dress up” activities.


On Saturday, October 16, the festivities get underway with a rip-roaring, no-holds-barred costume contest – and we’ve already seen some of the planned costumes; some of them will surely get a “Risa” out of our guests - and then after the contest – starting at 9pm and lasting until midnight (yeah, right), the Boogie Man (or Woman) in each of us gets the chance to cut loose as the music, dancing, and other ancillary activities (pour, simmer, season to your individual taste and serve) gets underway.


It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that we’ll have prizes, a cash bar, music themed to the occasion, and yes, celebrities a-plenty mixing it up with fans and pros alike. But watch your back… the zombies may be on the loose, and we don’t mean mixed drinks, either! Hey, Halloween is just around the corner – what better way to reach your inner freak! Hosted by veteran actor Jeff Rector and Famous Monsters of Filmland.


Join us on Saturday, October 16, as Hollywood Xpo 2010 presents The Monster Bash!




Celebrity speakers and Celebrity reunions are still being scheduled. Dates and times will be posted at a later date.


Trek Xpo Celebrity Speakers


Nichelle Nichols

Walter Koenig

Jonathan Frakes

Catherine Hicks

Robert Duncan McNeill

Michael Dorn with Suzie Plakson (Worf and K'Ehleyr Reunite!)

Tim Russ

John Billingsley


"Star Trek: The Original Series reunion" with Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Grace Lee Whitney, Tanya George, Arlene Martel, Celete Yarnell, Malachi Throne and Sean Kenney


"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reunion " with Cirroc Lofton,J.G. Hertzler, Robert O'Reilly.


"Star Trek: Of Gods and Men actors reunion" with Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Alan Ruck, Tim Russ, Cirroc Lofton, Gary Graham, J.G. Hertzler, Grace Lee Whitney, Crystal Allen, William Wellman, Daamen Krall, Celeste Yarnell, Arlene Martel, Jack Donner, Tanya George and Herb Jefferson



Comic Xpo Celebrity Speakers


Stan Lee


William Stout


"Heroes reunion" with Tim Kring, Jack Coleman, Adam Armus, Nichelle Nichols, and Eric Avari.



Scifi Xpo Celebrity Speakers


Kevin Sorbo




"Lost in Space reunion" with June Lockhart and Mark Goddard.


"InAlienable reunion" with Walter Koenig, Richard Hatch @ Patricia Tallman,



"Battlestar Galactica reunion" with Richard Hatch and Herb Jefferson.


"Alien Nation reunion" with Gary Graham and Michelle Scarabelli.


"Land of the Giants reunion" with Deanna Lund, Don Marshall, Don Matheson.




Heroes Reunion at Hollywood Xpo!



If you loved Heroes, the critically acclaimed sci-fi series that just ended four suspenseful seasons on NBC last February, you just have to be at the Heroes first public reunion at Hollywood Xpo! On Friday October 15 at 11:00 a.m. , Heroes creator, writer/producer Tim Kring will be joined by writer/co-executive producer Adam Armus and cast members Jack Coleman (Noah Bennett), Eric Roberts (Eric Thompson), Nichelle Nichols (Nana Dawson) and Erick Avari (Chandra Suresh) and others TBA. They’ll share about their experiences on the show and take Q & A from the audience. A first for Hollywood Xpo!



Tim Kring, creator and executive producer of Heroes.




Adam Armus, writer and co-executive producer of Heroes.




Jack Coleman, starred as former company man, Noah Bennett.




Erick Avari , starred as Chandra Suresh.




Film & TV Xpo Celebrity Speakers


Laraine Newman





Hollywood Xpo will be screening many films through out the convention. Hollywood Xpo will be open late (until approx midnight) on Friday and Saturday night screening films! The following are some of the films being shown at Hollywood Xpo. Dates and times are still be scheduled.


"Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" introduced by Sky Conway.


"Star Trek: Of Gods and Men 'Pop Up' Cut" introduced by Jack Trevino.



"Enemy Starfleet" (Star Trek: Phase2) introduced by Ralph M. Miller.


"World Enough and Time" (Star Trek: Phase2) introduced by Marc Zicree.



"For Want of a Nail" (Starship Farragut) introduced by John Broughton.


"Power Source" (Starship Farragut) introduced by John Broughton.


"The Needs of the Many" (Starship Farragut) introduced by John Broughton.



"InAlienable" introduced by Walter Koenig.



"Lady Magdalene's" introduced by J. Neil Schulman.



"Roddenberry on Patrol" introduced by Tim Russ



"Downstream" introduced by Famous Monsters - a post apocolyptic nightmare about a world that lives without oil. Sci-Fi Horror.



"Killer Klowns from Outer Space" introduced by Chiodo Brothers.



"Fatal Kiss" introduced by Jeff Rector.



"Crustacean" introduced by L.J. Dopp.



"Nature of Existence" introduced by Roger Nygard.





Whether your interest lies in writing, producing, special effects, music and composing, or animation, Hollywood Xpo has something for you!


Writing: such well-known and award winning authors as J. Neil Schulman, Mark Zicree, and Jack Trevino will talk about what it takes to get ideas to paper – and what *not* to put on the paper!


Directing: “From God’s Mouth to Your Ears” – translating the written word to the stage is one of the hardest tasks in Hollywood, and we have several leading directors appearing with us to help us understand what it takes to bring the words to life!


Special Effects: Well, this is a Star Trek/S-F show, after all, so naturally, we need to bring everyone up to date on the latest and greatest special effects in today’s movies – and how to avoid the most common pitfalls – creating that perfect blend of story and effects that epitomize the best SF movies of our time, Or, as the famous author Isaac Asimov once wrote, “Seeing a bad movie for the special effects is like eating a bad steak for the grilled onions.” Among our guests at Hollywood Xpo are the award-winning Chiodo brothers (“Killer Klowns from Outer Space”, “Team America: World Police” and others), Lee Romaire (“Ray Bradbury’s ‘Crysalis’”) and an entire panel dedicated to visual effects featuring Doug Drexler, Rick Sternbach, Chris Dawson, and Michael Struck.


Animation: Closely aligned with the SFX field, whether it’s traditional, CGI, or flash, Hollywood Xpo is your animation station, with some of the leading practitioners of the art, including Chris Dawson (“Green Hornet”, “Titanic”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men”) and the talented folks from Smorgasbord Productions, Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy, John Earickson, and Steven Sievers. Animation isn’t just for kids any more!


Musical Composition: We all know that music soothes the savage breast, but it also can lead, inspire, touch, illustrate, and complement any visual image – and Film and TV Xpo has brought in several top composers, including Brandon Moore (“Ray Bradbury’s ‘Crysalis’”) and Justin Durban (more than 84 soundtracks to his credit, including “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men”) to bring us that “perfect pitch” and tell us what it takes to blend musical imagery and visual imagery into an unforgettable experience!


And That’s Not All! Panels on makeup artistry, props and wardrobe (hey, the actors gotta wear something! (Or do they?)) digital filmmaking, and even tips for aspiring actors! Plus, perhaps the most important – yet often overlooked – factor in getting your vision to the screen – as director/producer Roger Nygard (“Nature of Existence”, “Trekkies”) shares his views on Financing and Distributing Films!


Speaking of Star Trek...We will also have several panels on Star Trek including, 'Reporting on All Things Trek' with Tim Gaskill, "Anthropology of Star Trek" with Daryl Frazetti and many more!



Panels and workshops listed below may be subject to change as we work on the schedule, dates and times are still to be determined



Trek Xpo Panels & Workshops


"Reporting on All Things Trek" with Tim Gaskill.


"STOGAM writers & crew panel" with Jack Trevino, Scott Nakada, Tim Vittetoe, Justin Durban, Chris Dawson and Michael Struck.


"Crack Between the Line"s with Larry Nemecek.


"Anthropology of Star Trek" with Daryl Frazetti.


"Writing for Star Trek" with Jack Trevino.


"Trek Academy" with Sujit Pal.


"Art of Star Trek" with Rick Sternbach.


"Spirit of Star Trek" with James Kerwin, Kipleigh Brown, Roger Nygard, Daryl Frazetti and Larry Nemecek.


"Trek or Treat Halloween Costume Party"


"Trek Trivia" with Larry Nemecek



Scifi Xpo Panels & Workshops


"Roddenberry Presents" with Rod Roddenberry, Trevor Roth and Tory Mell.


"Sci Fi Visual Effects and Illustration panel" with Doug Drexler, Rick Sternbach, Chris Dawson and Michael Struck

This panel focuses on visual effects, CGI, art and Illustrations that go in to scifi shows and movies such as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and other well know productions. Industry experts in these fields will be on hand talking and presenting examples of these elements and there place in the industry today.


"Writing Science Fiction" with Steven Sawicki.


"Anthropology of Science Fiction" with Daryl Frazetti.


"Twilight Zone panel" with Marc Zicree and Daryl Frazetti .


"Alongside Night panel" with Neil Schulman and Kent Hastings.


"Dreams from a Red Planet--a Mars documentary" with Kurt Lancaster.


"Directing Sci Fi" with David Winning.



Film & TV Xpo Panels & Workshops


"Making of "Yesterday Was a Lie" with James Kerwin, Kipleigh Brown, Warren Davis and Michael Struck.


"Making it in Film and TV" with Mark Zicree.


"Teasers, Trailers and Behind the Scenes" with Arne Starr.


"Composing for Film" with Justin Durban.


"Makeup for Film & TV" with Tim Vittetoe.


"Acting Success: A Step by Step Guide to Hollywood Success" with Jeff Rector.



"Rivets & Rockets" with Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy.


"Props and Wardrobe" with Scott Nakada.


"Girl Power" with Robin Rowe, Alicia Hollinger, Alison Haislip and Steven Sears.


"Financing and Distributing Films" with Roger Nygard.


"Future Threats to National Security: Thinking and Writing Outside the Box (Where Patriotism and Art Meet)" with Jimmy Diggs and Andre Bormanis.


"Promoting Indy Films" with Marc Kruskol.



Comic Xpo Panels & Workshops


"The Art of William Stout" with William Stout.


"Animation Festival" with Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy, John Earickson and Steven Sievers.


"Comics to Film panel" with Robin Rowe, Adrian Askarieh, Geoff Boucher, Leo Partible and Peter Briggs.


"Smorgasbord Productions presents Animation on a Budget " with Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy, John Earickson and Steven Sievers.




...More to come!



Hotel Map




From page to screen : Adapting Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis:


Take an inside look at the making of the latest feature film based on the works of internationally acclaimed author Ray Bradbury.


Originally published more than 60 years ago in the pages of the pulp classic magazine, "Amazing Stories", and in Bradbury's classic anthology "S is for Space" -- CHRYSALIS now makes it to the screen in this feature film adaptationfrom Urban Archipelago Films.


The panel will include Producer Roger Lay, Jr., Special Creature and Make Up Effects Designer Lee Romaire, Composer Brandon Moore, and cast members Glen Vaughan, Corey Landis, Elina Madison, Larry Dirk, and Darren Kendrick.








Hollywood Xpo Art Show



The Hollywood Xpo Art Exhibit will be located on the show floor at the Universal Studios Hilton from October 15-17th where our curators will be present to watch all work and make sales for all the artists. Artists will only be charged $25 per 25" x25" space and will be charged no commission from their sales. Artists will also get a free three-day pass to the Hollywood Xpo by being part of the art exhibit ($70 value). Click the link below for an application.





To help Hollywood Xpo stay ghost free, the Inland Empire Ghostbusters ECTO 1E car will be here Sunday only. Spirits beware!













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Early (optional) Registration from 6:00pm to 8:00pm



Registration opens at 8:00am

Exhibitors Hall: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Open late, until Midnight



Registration opens at 8:00am

Exhibitors Hall: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Open late, until Midnight



Registration opens at 9:00am

Exhibitors Hall: 10:00am to 5:30pm

Open until 5:30pm


Over 120 guests!

Special Guests


Stan Lee
(Saturday Only)


Buzz Aldrin
(Friday Only)



Walter Koenig



Nichelle Nichols
(Friday Only)


Alan Ruck
(Friday Only)


Tim Russ



Jonathan Frakes
(Saturday Only)


Michael Dorn
(Saturday Only)


John Billingsley
(Sunday Only)


Catherine Hicks





(Saturday Only)



Richard Hatch



Erick Avari



Stephen Furst





Laraine Newman



Erin Moran



Susan Olsen



Erika Eleniak



Jennifer Rhodes






Tim Kring
(Friday Only)


Adam Armus
(Friday Only)


Jack Coleman
(Friday Only)


Arne Star



William Stout




... and many, many more!


Building on the success of Planet Xpo’s highly-regarded shows, Hollywood Xpo debuts at the Hilton Universal (right next to Universal Studios in Hollywood), October 15-17, 2010! Hollywood Xpo is an annual multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction, fantasy and horror, comics,literature, art, music, film, TV, and on-line entertainment. Hollywood is “Ground Zero” for pop culture and Hollywood Xpo is your chance to see what it’s all about!



Click Here to read more about Hollywood Xpo!












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